1586-Be-InspiredEach season, Pantone® releases a suggested palette for fashion, general retail and home decor. The handmade industry tends to mimic these color trends in soaps, lotions and cosmetics. For Fall 2015, Pantone® released a palette inspired by jewel tones. The subtle spins on classic jewel tones paired with earthy neutrals creates a color palette that evokes a landscape of natural, fun and fantasy. These color statements include a range of Pantone® shades such as: Dried Herb, Dessert Sage, Stormy Weather, Oak Buff, Marsala, Biscay Bay, Reflecting Pond, Cadimum Orange, Cashmere Rose, and Amethyst Orchid. Earthy neutral shades of green pair well with herbal fragrances. Golden hues pair well with Autumn Breeze Fragrance Oil. Deep blue and turquoise pair well with oceanic and ozone top notes. Find inspiration in these recipes, kits and ingredients. Try adding these colors to your fall handmade product line in 2015.

Handmade Artisan Creations
Beautiful handmade products created by talented artisans and crafters on Etsy.com.
Verbena and Cotton Soap by AmeliaBathandBody
Bay Rum Soap for Men by FairyBubbles
Lavendar Soap Cold Process by Clensberry
Laurel Soap by MixturaOrganic
Color Inspiration
Fragrance Suggestions
Find inspiration for your product line with these fragrances that pair well with the Pantone color trend:
• Tuscan Herb Fragrance Oil (complements Pantone® Dried Herb)
• Lavender Sage Type Fragrance Oil (complements Pantone® Desert Sage)
• Mayan Gold Fragrance Oil (complements Pantone® Oak Buff)
• Raspberry Cabernet Fragrance Oil (complements Pantone® Marsala)
• Ocean Water Type Fragrance Oil (complements Pantone® Reflecting Pond)
• Cashmere Woods Fragrance Oil (complements Pantone® Oak Buff)
• Fairy Dust Fragrance Oil (complements Pantone® Cashmere Rose)
• Enchanted Orchid* Fragrance Oil (complements Pantone® Amethyst Orchid)
Kit & Recipe Inspiration
Find inspiration for your product line with these fun and easy kits and recipes:
Color Palette 
Find inspiration for your product line with these soap molds sure to complement the fall color palette: