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Handmade Magazine was established in 2012 by Debbie May, a handmade beauty expert, as a way to bring inspirational education to hobbyists and professionals seeking to make small batches of quality soaps and cosmetics.  Our readership has an interest in producing handmade products for many different reasons – for some it is to a way to provide or supplement their income, for others it is a relaxing hobby and for many it is to control the ingredients that are applied to their skin.

We seek to provide readers with relevant and reliable information so that they can make the very best products possible.  As our readership has grown, our magazine has evolved.  Starting in 2016 you will find each issue contains more business articles, larger images and less advertising.

Handmade Magazine is owned and operated by Wholesale Supplies Plus, a distributor of high quality soap making and cosmetic ingredients the handmade soap and cosmetic industry.

What Readers Say…

I found this magazine to be a very good resource for information products and uplifting stories! What I liked the most was that I could easily find the products online to purchase. So glad I ordered it.

– Aileen, North Carolina

“I am so glad to get this in print. I love having information at my fingertips without the internet sometimes. Great recipes and info, with products that you can get from WSP. I definitely will be getting more of these magazines!”

– Ruth, 2/2015

This issue has lots of business articles for starting and running your own business. A really great read and lots of new recipes in this issue.

– Linda, Ohio

“Great! … The articles are very relevant, the recipes have me wanting to buy more supplies and the photos are top notch. It is nice to have the magazine in print to refer back to any time you wish. I will definitely be getting this again.”

– Gena, 11/2014

Handmade Magazine is the leading monthly print magazine designed to inspire soap making and handmade cosmetic artisans.

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