What Readers Say…

“Great! … The articles are very relevant, the recipes have me wanting to buy more supplies and the photos are top notch. It is nice to have the magazine in print to refer back to any time you wish. I will definitely be getting this again.”

– Gena, 11/2014

“I am so glad to get this in print. I love having information at my fingertips without the internet sometimes. Great recipes and info, with products that you can get from WSP. I definitely will be getting more of these magazines!”

– Ruth, 2/2015

“Coffee table quality! This is a real, quality, full-sized magazine with really beautifully crafted full color, crisp, enticing photography on luxury weight gloss stock. It has so many exciting articles and ideas to jump start a business. It is simply a pleasure to read. Just looking at the pictures makes me want to add more products this season.”

– Carolyn, 6/2015

“High quality magazine! I always look forward to receiving my Handmade magazine each month. Looking through all the pictures and recipes are very inspiring for my business.”

– Terrie, 8/2015

“Found so many useful tips and recipes to make. Great instructions and products.”

– CC, 7/2014

“Love, Love! I always look forward to seeing the new Handmade Magazine each month and I am so glad they offer it in print now.”

– Liz, 7/2014