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Volume 39 | Winter Holidays

• Frosted Cranberry Sugar Scrubs
• Online Video Marketing Tips
• Evergreen Fragrance Trends
• Old Fashioned Christmas DIY
• Golden Honey Handmade Recipes

Volume 38 | Craft Show Season

• Pumpkin Spice Latte Soap Cupcakes
• Managing Your Brand Wisely
• How To Sell More At Craft Shows
• Crowd Pleasing Recipes
• Fall Handmade Product Trend

Volume 37 | Handmade Favorites

• Special Favorite Recipes Issue
• Cold Process Soap Recipes
• Melt & Pour Soap Recipes
• Skincare, Lipcare and More
• Business Articles & Trends

Volume 36 | Farmer’s Market Fruits

• Southern Peach Bath Bombs
• Tips for Selling at Farmers Markets
• Sweet Summer Fragrance Trends
• Apple, Pear & Peach Recipes
• Tips for Selling Handmade

Volume 35 | Garden Fresh Herbs

• Fresh Mint CP Soap Recipe
• All Natural Essential Oil Trends
• Rosemary DIY Recipes
• Herbal Skincare Recipes
• Disconnecting On Vacation

Volume 34 | Summer Birthday Parties

• Soap Frosting Recipes
• Birthday Cake Soap Recipes
• Vanilla Fragrance Trend
• Tips For Frustrated Entrepreneurs
• Fourth of July Product Inspiration

Volume 33 | Tropical Fruits

• Summer Scents Trends
• Recipes For Your Summer Line
• Starting A Home Business
• Tropical Cocktail Inspiration
• Business Articles & Trends

Volume 32 | Spring Spa

• Mother’s Day Recipes
• Facial Care Recipes
• Floral DIY Trends
• Luxury Spa Recipes
• Business Articles & Trends

Volume 29 | “Pretty In Pink”

• Cold Weather Hand Care
• Pucker Up – Kissable Lip Care
• Heart To Heart Trends
• Valentine’s Day Recipes
• Make Your Business Better

Volume 31 | Elegant Easter

• Elegant Easter Recipes
• Formulating With Carrots
• Kids Crafts & DIY
• For Your Spring Product Line
• Business Articles & Trends

Volume 30 | Coffee House

• Coffee, Cream & Sugar
• Coffee Scrub Recipes
• Sugar Scrub Recipes
• Creamy Skincare Recipes
• Coffee & The Handmade Industry

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I can’t wait to receive each new issue…I am going on vacation and I’m going to TRY not to open the new issue until I get there! I used WSP’s recipe to make the Mango Papaya Sugar Scrub on the front cover of this issue and it came out wonderful. I made it for our future daughter-in-law for her bridal shower. She was very excited to receive and can’t wait for me to make more.

– Deborah, Pennsylvania

“I found this magazine to be a very good resource for information products and uplifting stories!!! Would have liked the most was that I could easily find the products online”

– Aileen, North Carolina

This is a real, quality, full sized, magazine with really beautifully crafted full color, crisp, enticing photography on luxury weight gloss stock. It has so many exciting articles ideas to jump start a business that may have gotten into a rut. It is simply a pleasure to read. Just looking at the pictures makes me want to add more products this season. I don’t rave about much but this deserves it.

– Carolyn, West Virginia

“Love this magazine! Great tutorials and articles”

– Amber, Iowa